企业家的梦想是成为一名企业家 单点提供者

Strategic Factory was established in 1999 when President & 首席执行官, 基斯米勒, 购买了800平方英尺, 两人, 派克维尔的快印专营店, 马里兰. 现在, 经过了20多年的努力, Strategic Factory stands with more than 150 employees and 100,000-square-feet of production split between three facilities in Owings Mills, 马里兰. Innovation and perseverance have been Strategic Factory’s constant tools for success turning the small business to a full-service enterprise with national reach. 作为卓越的单点提供商, Strategic Factory continues to expand its services and product offerings helping build businesses through print, 标志, 品牌, 营销解决方案.

可以做. 会做. 很高兴!



In working with us, you’ll find that we’re all raving fans of Strategic Factory. Our company is made up of passionate individuals who are experts in what they do. 虽然我们都有自己的角色, we’re also collaborative and willing to jump in wherever we can to ensure we provide the best results. We foster a working environment that cultivates ideas and encourages innovation. Our team regularly recognizes and celebrates each other’s hard work and professional growth. We have been recognized over the years for how we truly invest in our culture and prioritize our employees, mostly recently being recognized as one of fifty Greater Baltimore “Best Places to Work” 2024 companies.

合并 & 收购


随着时间的推移, a number of companies have joined the Strategic Factory family to create the diversified brand we know today. All of which now operate under the Strategic Factory name.



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超过25年, Strategic Factory has been a family-owned industry leader in 马里兰, offering only the best in service and craftsmanship in a variety of products and solutions.